Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 Reasons to Attend Bound and Drawn!

The next session of Bound and Drawn is quickly approaching. 

We invite all artists to come out with their drawing supplies to our first session of 2014.
Here are 10 more reasons to attend Bound and Drawn. 

Ten Reasons to Attend Bound and Drawn

  1. Socializing! Hanging out with some like minded artistic types is good for the soul and mind.
  2. Getting out of the house in this long winter. It's nice to look at new walls. :)
  3. Warm ups! The first model will be doing gesture poses so you'll be working that artistic eye.
  4. Short poses to keep those lax fingers moving about the page and capturing an image.
  5. It's always fascinating to see how other artists draw. Might pick-up a new trick or two.
  6. The second model! Yes, there are two models. The second will be tied up in ropes of some fashion. A brand new challenge as it adds a new dimension.
  7. And a longer pose with our first model.
  8. Variety is key. Different people form different shapes and present different challenges.
  9. Drawing from life is challenging enough on it's own, but throw in a twist of a knot and it adds to the task. It gives new perspectives and dynamics. The mind's eye is always the better for something new.
  10. Talking about rope and trussed up people. Drawing a model bound in rope!

Join us for an unique event, a challenging artistic experience and a great night!

Bound and Drawn 
February 25th, 2014 
7:00pm - 10:00pm 
$20, cash at the door 
Students: $15.00 (must show ID at the door)
B Town Sound 
919 Fraser Drive, Burlington
For questions, confirmation of attendance: BoundandDrawn@gmail.com

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