Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Knotty Life Drawings

Yes, of course I went there with the silly puns.

I just realized that we forgot to update the blog for our latest edition of Bound & Drawn which happened this past Wednesday.  (In case you're wondering they happen the second Wednesday of each month)

We had a fantastic rigger in the house that night - Morpheous.  You can find out more about this witty gentleman right here: http://mbe2013.com/?page_id=2651

And we were graced with the delightful presence of Shayne, who was equal parts witty and crude; which of course made her awesome.

Here are some of my pieces of sketchiness from the event:

Our next Bound & Drawn Captured Life Drawing Session runs on Wednesday May the 8th!

I should also mention that the price is now just $20