Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why Burlington? And I'm Not An Artist But...

We are looking forward to our first Bound and Drawn session, taking place on February 13th, at the Queen's Head Pub, at 400 Brant street in Burlington Ontario.
 The response to this idea has been so positive and great! Thanks so much for all the interest and support. We especially would like to thank MBE who has worked with us in providing advice, helping us promote and directing us to a rigger.
Two questions have come up and over and over that we would like to address.

Q. Why is this in Burlington! Everything else is in Toronto?! 

We happen to think Burlington is a great city.
 Besides that, we did consider hosting this event in Toronto but as the questioner often points out, everything else is in Toronto. We thought it would be good to have something like this around these parts. It made sense to us, considering a lot of other edgy-life-drawing events have come to a close in the fair city of Toronto and hardly anything like this happens out this way--a strong reason why we decided to host Bound and Drawn in this community.

Q. I'm not an artist but I am a writer, a sculptor, a creator or just interested in rope. Why can't I come? 

We are considering expanding the format for future Bound and Drawn sessions but as it stands now, this event is geared to figure drawing and open to those who show up with art supplies, with the intent to draw/paint/create in hand.

Q. Okay. You convinced me. I'm going to come in from Toronto. How accessible is it by GO? 

The answer to that is that it is very accessible.  One of the reasons that we chose the Queen's Head Pub on Brant Street as a venue is it's proximity to the Burlington GO Station as well as Burlington Transit.  The GO train regularly stops at the Burlington station and from there you can catch the #2 Brant South bus, or take the twenty minute walk.  Here's the link for GO

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