Monday, February 18, 2013

Untying Session One

The very first night of "Bound & Drawn" Life Drawing Captured sessions went off this past Wednesday.  We had a lovely turn-out of people interested in catching life in ropes on paper.

The atmosphere was warm, friendly and inviting.  Fun conversations popped up, and the people of the Queen's Head Pub were brilliant.

Our fantastic performers for the first event were Cylr and Beth.  There were some very interesting knots, positions, and suspensions!  Cylr was quite the deft hand with the rope and Beth was marvelous in her ability to remain tied up while we artists scribbled away.

Many thanks and appreciation to MBE who have been incredibly supportive by helping us promote this new event, providing us with direction and connecting us to performers.

To all of our artistic friends, please send in your artwork and I'll post it up on the blog.

Presenting some drawings that were created by me:

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