Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marching Along

We had so much fun at last month's Bound and Drawn session, we thought we would do it again! 

Actually, we plan on hosting Bound and Drawn sessions once monthly on the second Wednesday of each month.

All artists (19+) are invited to come out and join us. 

It is interesting, dynamic and not your usual life-drawing sessions. It is a warm and friendly bunch that has gathered so far and we do our best to make everyone feel welcome. If you have any questions please drop us a line:

Here are March's details:

Bound and Drawn: March 13th, doors open at 7pm. The session starts at 7:30pm and runs until 10:30pm at the Queen's Head Pub

This event would not have had the traction it does, without the help and support from the great folks at MBE

Ropes this month are being provided by the very talented self-tying Vera!

Vist Vera's blog to learn a little bit about her:

Bound and Drawn: Life drawing sessions are not your typical life drawing session. We're combining ropes, rope artists, and visual artists - it's an interesting blend. The wonderful riggers put together a great show and interact with the audience. It also becomes a bit of a rope tying showcase as we watch deft hands twist and tie knots to create intricate displays of flesh and emotion. 
 Last month, we had a few surprises, so its best to come with an open mind as you'll never quite know what to expect.

Our goal is to encourage the technique of life drawing but also the exploration of the human form. We like to encourage freedom in all forms, sexually speaking and otherwise.

The phrase “To be so free one can choose bondage” is an endearing philosophy.

Please come with drawing supplies in hand. 

Rules are no photography, no videography, and must be 19+

Questions, comments or more information contact us:

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